As a younger woman, I was preoccupied with what it means to live as a woman or a man, curious to understand the perspectives of both points of view. With this series, there was a personally political dynamic to my reflections on why a woman chooses the profession of a sex worker. Visual Research and investigations took me from King’s Cross to Paris, Amsterdam and Thailand. 

Wandering at night in Rue St Denis, Paris, imagining their lives and wanting to put myself in their shoes, I made rough drawings in a small sketch book and watched while they made assignations on street corners or met friends for coffee. I identified with their need to earn an independent living, and wanted to speak to them, to understand more about their lives, but was too scared to approach. On one occasion I tried but was quickly dismissed, and instead watched discreetly from a distance, out of sight, making drawings from memory. This work was shown in a three person exhibition: Business? Three Views of Sex for Sale at the Thumb Gallery, Soho.

Some of the works in this series are for sale. Please use contact form to enquire.